It just occurred to me recently that I have not fully covered the new Light and Dark Elements since their official release.

What are the two new elements?

The two new elements are Light and Dark.

Yes, these are the mystery Skylanders.

Yes, these are the figures (and Traps) that fill in the question marks in the game, on the poster, and on the trap collection tray.

Why are there still question marks in my game?

To get rid of the question marks you have to place one of the new Skylanders or Level pieces on the Portal.

This action will not only remove the question marks from your game, but it will also add the Light and Dark Skylanders and Traps to the in-game Collection menu.

What about the question marks on the Poster and Trap Tray?

They have a solution for this as well.

Included in the Light and Dark Expansion packs are all the stickers you'll need to cover up the questions marks.

These stickers will cover up the question marks of the Light Villains on both the Poster and Trap Tray.

Skylanders Light Villain Stickers

These stickers will cover up the question marks of the Dark Villains on both the Poster and Trap Tray.

Skylanders Dark Villain Stickers

If you're unsure of where they should go, just take a look at the back of the Sticker Sheet. They have instructions right there for you.

Light/Dark Sticker Placement Instructions Back

Finally, you can use the standard stickers that come with the Trap Masters to cover up their questions marks. Now the only question marks that should be left belong to the Light and Dark Core Skylanders (Spotlight and Blackout).

In an interesting move this week, the official Skylanders social media accounts shared an image of a complete Trap Team Poster. As you can see below, this is not just a poster with all the stickers on it. It is in fact a complete poster.

Complete Trap Team Poster

While I know that the image is just a computer-generated graphic, it makes you wonder if they're planning on releasing a completed version of the poster at some point. It doesn't seem right to tease us with it otherwise.

Where can I find the Light and Dark Expansion Packs?

So far the Expansion packs have been found at Toys R Us and Best Buy (in the US). I have heard some reports about Walmart stocking them, but I think these were all in Canada.

UPDATE: The Expansion Packs can also be found at Target and Walmart in the US.

The packs have also been in and out of stock (three times) on Amazon.

And (as of this writing) they're still in stock at

Has any other Light and Dark stuff been released?


A new Villain Variant has been released. This is Rebel Lob Goblin. It was first discovered as an EB Games Exclusive in Australia, but now he can be found in a Light Rocket Trap that is exclusive to GameStop (in the US).

I have mentioned this Trap before in my article on GameStop's upcoming Skylanders Day because the new Trap was pictured in the ad.

However, many stores have already gotten this Trap in stock and are not holding it for Skylanders Day. I was lucky enough to get the last Rebel Lob Goblin at my local GameStop this past weekend. So if you haven't already, I would definitely recommend checking with your local GameStop soon.

If they have no idea what you're talking about, just have them look up SKU# 108537.