Thanks to the amazing Seth Hay, SCL has been completely redesigned and has a number of additional features that I hope you'll find useful.

I highlight a number of them in the video below, but I'll also expand on a few of them in this article.

No More Ads

That's right. With this update I've decided to make SCL a completely ad-free zone. No more ads in the middle of your content or in the sidebars.

SCL is all about getting you the best Skylanders content so that's all you'll find on these pages now.

SCL Videos

Over the past few months I've been putting a lot of time into the SCL YouTube channel. By the end of the year I'll have about 150 videos posted.

The good news is that you can now view all of my videos directly from this site. Naturally they're all still available on YouTube as well, but now you have options. (Also, if you have a few moments I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to subscribe to my YouTube channel.)

Easier Access to News

I know a lot of you come here just for the News so we've made it easier to find.

As always there's still a link in the main menu to the News page, but you will also find some of the latest articles directly on the front page.

But if you bypass the front page, you will still easily be able to find the latest news as it will be in the left-hand column on every page on the site. The latest news will also be accompanied by a few of my latest Tweets.

While I know that not all of you are on Twitter or want to use Twitter, you will still be able to keep up with what's going on.

SCL Collection/Wish List Tool

Perhaps the biggest update to the site is the addition of the Collection tool.

I can see that many of you have already discovered this and started to check it out on your own, which is great! However, if you're looking for a tutorial or more of a guided tour, I should have a video up to explain what it's all about tomorrow.

Basically, one you create a free account, you will be able to create as many lists as you like to keep track of the Skylanders you own, the Skylanders you want or both. It's completely up to you how you want to use this new feature.

Mobile Friendly

Thanks to Seth's handiwork, the site is now more mobile-friendly than ever.

It has everything from responsive image sizes to special mobile menus. My analytics tell me that nearly 50% of you are visiting the site from a phone or tablet, so it's becoming increasingly important to make sure that the site is just as functional for those of you on smaller devices.

I sincerely hope you like the changes we've made to the site and I would love to hear what you think about it.

Please take a minute or two to let me know what you think in the comments below.