The official release is coming this week.

Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack

The Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack is officially in the US.

It has been spotted at multiple TRU and Target stores across the nation. However, both retailers have the pack register-locked for April 7th.

So by this Friday, I expect that the vast majority of retailers should have their hands on this pack and hopefully you'll all be able to find it.

To aid you in that search here are a few numbers:

UPC (Universal): 047875880689
“R”Web# (TRU): 279141
DPCI (Target): 207-03-0284
GameStop Item #: 146107

As of today the pack was added to the TRU website. It doesn't always show up in the search, but you can find the listing here.

UPDATE: If you don't feel like heading out to the stores, you can always place an order on Amazon.

Dark Creation Crystals

Previously we have found Dark Creation Crystal Single Packs at Target and Walmart.

This week they started showing up at TRU as well. These are not register-locked. So if you find them, you should be able to buy them immediately.

Earlier this week they were listed on the Best Buy website. They currently seem to be out of stock, but it's another place to keep an eye on.

Potential For A New Adventure Pack

There was a new article on Business Insider this week highlighting some of Activision's recent and upcoming work.

This article didn't specifically say anything about Skylanders, but tucked away in the middle of the post there was an interesting chart.

Skylanders Future

Could this mean new content is coming? Possibly, but I'm not convinced.

You can listen to my current thoughts on the matter around the three minute mark (3:00) in the video above.

That's all the news for this week. I hope you'll all support the Skylanders franchise we know and love this Friday when the Cursed Tiki Temple officially releases.