On again. Off again. On again.

This week is an on week.

Thrillipede Update

Still nothing.

Imaginators Update

A boatload of new characters were revealed this week in MEGA Magazine in the UK.

These characters include:

  • Air Strike
  • Aurora
  • Boom Bloom
  • Chompy Mage (Villain)
  • Flarewolf
  • Grave Clobber (Villain)
  • Mysticat
  • Pit Boss
  • Starcast

You can check out the video above for pictures.

Aside from the images, we don't have any more information on these characters at this time.

Battlecast Update

The cards from the General Mills promotion have been activated.

We still don't have any official information about this promotion, but the cards are out there and they work in the game.

There are ten cards involved in the promotion, but only six of them are new.

Skylanders Battlecast General Mills Promotional Cards

The cards you unlock in game vary a bit from the physical cards, but in the game you can unlock:

  • Obsidian Hot Head
  • High Noon Trigger Happy
  • Prism Break
  • Sonic Boom
  • Imprism
  • Egg Toss

I will have much more video content regarding this cards shortly. Subscribe to the SCL YouTube channel to catch all the latest.