Gamescom was this past week and we have a lot of news to cover.

Thrillipede Update

Still no more releases in the US, but I have a way to get your hands on the figure at a reasonable price.

I have been contacted by an eBay seller in the UK. He got another shipment of Thrillipede in and he knows that we all want to finish our collections.

You can get Thrillipede here.

He ships worldwide and the shipping cost is the same no matter what.

Imaginators Update


Big controversy this week as the news of the Battle Class being locked to the Creation Crystals spread to the fans.

I already wrote an article on the issue, but I will be talking about it some more with Rob from Coin-Op TV tomorrow at 2PM CT, live on his channel.

I will also be releasing an article that starts to take a closer look at each of the Battle Classes to help you prepare for the worst… Leak

The other news we had this week gave us a lot of information, but no new pictures so there's not a lot to show.

You can find all the information in the original article here.

The leak included a number of new character names, packs, and some potential prices.

Battlecast Update

Unfortunately, the prices on Battlecast cards have gone back up.

The Battlecast Starter Pack is still relatively cheap. It's just not as cheap as it was last week.

But the Booster Box has jumped significantly and is rather expensive again.