After a month of crazy releases, it's time to slow down again.

Land Action Pack Released

The Land Action Pack released this week on Amazon.

So far it has not been found at any other retailers, but it will get there eventually.

Stay tuned to the SCL Facebook and Twitter feeds for all the latest updates.

Power Blue Skylanders

The Power Blue Skylanders can currently only be purchased at Walmart.

Toys R Us (and even some GameStop locations) already have stock of these figures, but they are locked at the register until March 2nd.

I'm not sure if Walmart actually got an early release on these figures or if they just bypassed the register lock, but either way Walmart is currently the only place they can be purchased for now.

Other Recent Releases

The Easter and Wave 4 Skylanders are now available from all major retailers. Stock may vary by location, but they have been released everywhere.

If you're having trouble finding these figures locally, Amazon still has all of these new releases in stock. Some of them are still eligible

Wave 4 SuperChargers

Wave 4 Vehicles

Combo Packs

Easter Variants