The news this week is short and simple, but still exciting.

Release Day

Today (Monday, February 27th) was the official (early) release date for the new Wave 4 figures and Easter variants at Toys R Us. This includes:

All of these figures are currently available in store and online.

If you're having trouble locating these figure on the TRU website, feel free to click on the links above (that's why they're there).

What Missing?

Yes, there will be more figures shipped out alongside Wave 4, but these are the new figures that TRU is getting a few weeks before everyone else.

We have not yet seen any Wave 4 Creation Crystals. I expect they will start to show up when the full wave is released to all retailers in a couple of weeks.

Looking Ahead

In addition to the new figures and Crystals we are also expecting a new Adventure Pack in this wave. This is the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack.

This pack has been announced to be released on March 12th here in the US.

Since that date is only two weeks away at this point, I would imagine that this is when we'll start to see the Wave 4 Crystals and figures show up at all retailers (including TRU).

Keep an eye out for the Dark Pyramid Creation Crystal in a Single Pack. That will be your sign that we have a new wave out. As soon as I know which Crystals are coming in Wave 4 I'll be sure to let you know.