A lot of good news this week as we continue to track Wave 4 and all the new variants coming out this month.

Wave 4 Update

Wave 4 has hit the majority of Toys R Us stores already, but unfortunately the initial shipment was small and most stores have sold out already.

Today though, TRU has put Wave 4 up on their website so that's another option.


If you don't mind wait a little bit the listings for Wave 4 are up on Amazon. They're not active yet (meaning Amazon hasn't received their stock yet), but they're coming. I'll give you the direct links below so you can track the figures you're still looking for:

Wave 4 SuperChargers

Wave 4 Vehicles

New Variants Released

The really big news this week is that Amazon has released the Easter variants!

Last week I mentioned that TRU had them listed with a March 1st release date, but Amazon gave us a pleasant surprise this week.

Not only did they put up the listings, but they released them on Sunday (February 7th). You can find direct links below. So far Amazon is the only place these figures have been found.

On Sunday Amazon also released Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz (which had previously only been seen at TRU) and the Kaos Trophy Single Pack (which was a GameStop Timed Exclusive).

Other Unreleased Packs

In addition to everything above, Amazon has also added two more interesting listings. Unfortunately, neither of these are active yet.

The Combo Pack #3 has started to show up sporadically at other retailers like Walmart and Target, but it would definitely be nice if Amazon could get their hands on it as well.

Finally, the Land Action Pack listing is very interesting because I figured they would hold onto that until Wave 5. However, with this listing going up already it looks like we may get it sooner.

Stay tuned to the SCL Facebook page and Twitter feed for all the latest up-to-the-minute news and we'll see where this goes…