A lot of big surprises this week.

Much of this news I have already reported on earlier this week so here are the highlights.

Nintendo Switch Announcement

Skylanders Imaginators is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

It will be available as a launch title meaning that it will be available on March 3rd.

You can pre-order it now from Amazon. Keep in mind that Prime members will receive 20% off the retail price.

No Portal, No Problem

The Switch Starter Pack will not include a Portal.

In fact, Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch will be the first game not to use a Portal.

Instead, you will scan your Skylanders into the game using the NFC reader built into the right Joy-Con. This will add the figure to your Digital Library of figures for use “on-the-go”.

Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack

As a late addition to the series, we are getting one more Adventure Pack.

The Cursed Tiki Temple Pack, releasing on March 12th, will include:

  • Wild Storm (doubles as the Level Piece just like Crash Bandicoot)
  • Life Creation Crystal
  • Mystery Chest

It will retail for $29.99.

We do not know which Life Creation Crystal will be included in this pack as Activision does not differentiate the different molds as we do here on Skylanders Character List. We won't have this information until we see a box shot or perhaps even until we see the pack in stores.

More Options

This pack will also add an additional 100 Imaginators Parts to the game for you to unlock.

No word yet on what these Parts are, but they are very much welcome.