We finally have something to talk about again! Check out the new images…

Wave 4 Update

Wave 4 may be coming sooner than originally anticipated.

Typically, we see Wave 4 in early March, but since the game released about 2 weeks earlier this year all of our “normal” timeframes have been pushed up by about 2 weeks. This means that we could be looking at late February.

This is reinforced by the Amazon (US) listings we saw last week and the Amazon (Italy) listing with pictures that we found this week.

This year the Wave 4 Vehicles are set to include:

As I've stated many times before, we've been expecting this Hot Streak Single Pack since last June when it was spotted on a GameStop poster.

Will we be getting a Single Pack of Spitfire?

I fully expect it.

Will we be getting a Single Pack of Astroblast?

It would only make sense to release this as well.

We don't yet know which SuperChargers will be included in Wave 4, but I'm sure we'll be seeing something pop up soon.

Easter 2016

This week we also got another look at one of the upcoming Easter variants, Spring Ahead Dive Bomber.

Spring Ahead Dive Bomber

Just like we see the Christmas variants start to hit stores about 3-4 weeks before the holiday, I expect the same for the Easter variants. This means we'll hopefully start to see Spring Ahead Dive Bomber and Eggcited Thrillipede in early March (which could be roughly the same time we start to see Wave 4).

NOTE: Keep in mind that the variants ship independently of the Waves. So just because you find one of them in the store does not automatically mean that they will have all the new figures that you're looking for.

What Happened to the Combo and Triple Packs from Wave 3?

They have already been released in Australia.

They are coming soon to Europe.

I am not expecting them to release in the US.


This is something that has happened every year, but since they were “breaking the rules” a lot this year I thought that there might still be some hope. However, I think they are sticking to the old model on this particular subject.

In past years, the US has only received Combo/Triple Packs from Waves 1 and 2. Any additional combo/triple packs could only be found abroad in Australia and Europe.

My theory is that it's cheaper for Activision to ship the Combo Packs than to ship each figure individually, but that's just a wild guess.

The fact of the matter is that the US typically does not receive any multi-packs produced for Waves 3, 4, or 5. We'll probably just have to wait for the Single Packs to show up shortly in Wave 4.