A little bit slower this week, but we still have news to cover.

Thrillipede Update

Still nothing.

Imaginators Update

This week we got a closer look at Chopscotch thanks to Family Gamer TV who had the exclusive reveal.

We not only got a look at the HD image of the toy, but we got some fantastic gameplay.

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Trouble with Facebook Visibility

I know that some of you have mentioned that you don't always see my posts on Facebook.

I'm not trying to hide from you. It all has to do with Facebook's algorithm.

However, the good news is there is something you can do to have a better chance of seeing my posts.

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If you're having trouble, check out 1:58 in the first video above.

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Battlecast Update

Finally, we're back to Battlecast.

Skylanders Battlecast Deals

If you collect the physical Skylanders Battlecast cards or want to start, Amazon still has some great deals.

Earlier this week the 36 Pack Booster Box dropped down below $100. It was a great price and I know a lot of you were able to scoop it up.

However, that didn't last long (less than 24 hours). The price shot up again. It's still a good deal, but not as good as it was.

In any case, the Battlecast Starter Pack is still dropping in price.

Battlecast Starter Pack

Right now this bundle is a better price-per-card value than the Booster Box ever was.

You don't have to be a Prime member to get these prices, but I don't know how long they'll last so I wouldn't wait if you're interested.

General Mills Promotion

As expected, the General Mills cereals have continued to spread throughout the week.

In addition to North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, the boxes have also been spotted in Ohio, Montana, and Wisconsin.

The cards still don't scan into the game, but that should be coming soon.

You can find my original article about these cards here.