Relatively slow week for Skylanders, but there are a few items to address.

Thrillipede Update

June 29th has come and gone and there's still no more sign of Thrillipede. I'll keep looking into it, but I can't promise anything.

E3 Experience

If you're interested in my first experience with E3 (and the California trip that went along with it) you can find all the details here.

I had a lot of fun and I hope there will be many more trips to come.

Battlecast Update

I had some very interesting conversations this week with Paul Briggs. He is another huge Battlecast fan who has been playing since the game came out in New Zealand a few months ago.

So he has had time to explore the finer intricacies of Battlecast and this week he shared some of them with me.

I hope to share some of them with you over time, but this week we take a closer look at the variations of Spitfire, Stealth Elf, and the other promotional Battlecast cards.