This week focuses around a long awaited release. Unfortunately, many of us are still waiting.

Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack

The Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack released this week.

It is currently available from GAME stores in the UK and now on Amazon (Germany).

UPDATE: This pack is also available from Amazon (UK) for those who were unable to find it in a local store.

As of this writing there have been no sightings in the US. Hopefully this will change in the coming week.

I wrote a full article about the pack earlier this week so I won't cover that again here.

Easter Variant Update

The only other news this week is that the two Easter variants:

can now be ordered from Amazon (US).

They are available from all retailers, but if you haven't been able to find them yet or you were waiting to get your 20% off (Prime member discount), now is the time.