Another slow week, so we'll make this quick.

There were no new releases this week and we really don't have any updates on the few unreleased items.

What we do have is a number of sales.

Skylanders Sales

I posted about these sales late last week so I'm not going to ramble on about them now. I'll just leave this handy link to the previous post:

Skylanders Deals

However, I will note that it has been brought to my attention that the GameStop deals don't seem to be active.

I got the news of these sales from the Activision PR department. So I'm not sure if they got some dates mixed up or if GameStop forgot about it or if they changed their mind or what happened.

I'm trying to get some more information about this, but I can't promise I'll have a definitive answer before the end of the week.

Target Target

In any case, Target is really the place you want to be this week.

In addition to the sales mentioned, I highly suggest that you download the free Target Cartwheel app (available both on iOS and Android).

This week they have a multitude of Skylanders coupons (usually 50% off) that you can use in conjunction with the current sales. This means that you can get many items for 75% off!

The best deal may just be a Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack for $15 (on sale for $29.99 plus a 50% off Cartwheel).