No new news so I thought I would take a minute (or three) to go over what we're still waiting on…

Remaining SuperChargers Figures

We are still waiting on two figures in this year's release. This includes:

These will come out in Wave 5. Typically Wave 5 starts showing up in May, but this year all the releases have been coming “early”. (I think this is mostly because the game itself launched two weeks earlier than usual.)

So it's possible that we could see something in April, but we just don't know at this point.

Skylanders Battlecast

Still no official word on the collectible card game, Skylanders Battlecast.

It was beta launched in New Zealand and there are currently preorders for the cards up on (France).

I'm really hoping that we get something soon here in the US.

Skylanders Academy (TV Show)

We haven't heard anything about this since the initial announcement.

I'm still expecting it sometime this year (there's a lot of time left), but I have no real guess for when that might be.

Skylanders 6

We know that there is a new Skylanders game in the works for this fall. However, that's all we know.

In the early days of the series we got an announcement about the new game (quite early) at Toy Fair in February, but those days are long gone.

Each year this announcement has been pushed further and further back.

Last year we didn't get the announcement until a week before E3 (early June) and I would expect roughly the same timing again this year.

While it's entirely possible that they could tip us off sooner, I don't expect that we'll hear anything about the upcoming game for a few months yet.


Believe me, I'm just as excited as you to find out more about all of these things.

As soon as I have any information you can be sure that I'll be posting about it here on the site, on the SCL Facebook page, the SCL Twitter feed, and talking about it in my weekly news video.

It will definitely be hard to miss.

Stay tuned…