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Skylanders SuperChargers Happy Meal Toys

In many recent years, Skylanders have teamed up with McDonald's to release Skylanders Happy Meal toys.

It appears as this year will be no different.

SuperChargers Happy Meal Toys

The image above is advertising the new Skylanders toys coming soon to McDonald's in Italy.

We don't currently have confirmation that these are coming to the US, but it's hard to imagine that they would ignore their largest market.

It seems that there will be a total of eight toys to collect. These include:

  • Hot Streak
  • Shark Tank
  • Reef Ripper
  • Tomb Buggy
  • Jet Stream
  • Sea Shadow
  • Stealth Stinger
  • Splatter Splasher

Each vehicle appears to come with its Signature Driver, but it does not look like they can be removed from their vehicle.