After nearly of month of nothing to report, we now have a few things to talk about…

Buzz Wing & Thrillipede

As I reported last week, Buzz Wing and Thrillipede briefly went up for preorder at Toys R Us here in the US. They have since taken the listings down, but I don't think that really changes much.

They were listed with a release date of May 24th which matches the date I've gotten from a few other sources.

I know that the few of you who got your preorders in have received “Your Order Has Been Delayed” emails from Toys R Us. I wouldn't read too much into this.

Not only has the TRU system sent out bogus emails in the past, but we're still 3+ weeks out from the release date. There's plenty of time. This will all get sorted out over the next few weeks.

Skylanders Battlecast

While no preorders are available for Skylanders Battlecast here in the US, Toys R Us currently has it in their system with a release date of May 24th as well.

The Beta release has been out for a while in New Zealand and Australia. So it's feasible that they could be aiming for a wider release at the end of May as well.

Toys R Us has also received “Coming Soon” signage that you may have seen in your local store by now which is always a good sign.

Even better though, I have been told that TRU stores have also received a training video to show their employees about the basics of Skylanders Battlecast.

It is real. It is coming. Keep an eye out in stores for any packs that might slip out of the back room.

Skylanders SuperChargers Happy Meal Toys

Finally, we may have a date for the latest Skylanders Happy Meal toys.

June 14th has been rumored to be the official start date for these toys. Obviously this date can vary a bit depending on location, but I would think starting in June you might want to make a few extra stops into your local McDonalds to keep an eye on their selection.