Sorry for the delay in getting the written version of the news up this week. Please note though, that I have gotten some updates since the video was posted, so a few details may differ.

This week is all about conflicting information, but I'll try to sort it all out for you.

Buzz Wing & Thrillipede

Those of you who were able to preorder from TRU a few weeks ago are in luck. Buzz Wing has shipped and I know a lot of you that have already received it. However, there's still no sign of Thrillipede.

This is really confusing as Activision just sent out a press release today stating that Thrillipede should be available at all store NOW.

Buzz Wing and Thrillipede Press Release

In any case, they did let us know that Buzz Wing is scheduled to be a TRU Exclusive through May. Starting sometime in June, you should be able to find Buzz Wing at all major retailers.

While I have not heard of any in-store sightings, the Activision PR team has assured me that they have started distribution and we should be seeing them in stores very soon.

UPDATE: Buzz Wing is once again available from the TRU website. It's not a preorder. They should be shipping immediately.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these figures.

Skylanders Battlecast

This week I received several reports that Battlecast has been delayed once again.

The date in the TRU system has been changed from May 24th to June 1st. It's a relatively small delay, but it's not what we want to see at this point.

UPDATE: Even though the “release date” has been changed to June 1st, TRU managers have been directed to put out Battlecast product on May 24th.

Chances are some stores will get it early and someone will be putting it out on shelves soon. Keep your eyes open.