Not much news this week which was probably a good thing since I was visiting some friends down in Arizona.

So let's see what kind of questions we have this week…


Oftentimes if you have a question about something, you're probably not the only one.

Here at SCL I get dozens of emails each week with questions from readers like you. Even though only a few dozen take the time to write in, I am guessing that many more of you have the same questions.

So here in the SCL Q&A I hope to answer some of these questions in a more public forum so that all of you may benefit. I hope to make this a weekly post, but that all depends on you. Please keep sending me any Skylanders questions you may have. I will still reply to all of your emails, but I will also post some of the answers here.


Am I too old to collect and play Skylanders?

Absolutely not.

There is no age limit on Skylanders. You might even say the sky's the limit…(or not)

If you enjoy hunting and collecting for figures or if you simply enjoy restoring peace to the Skylands, it's okay. Just because Skylanders were originally aimed at a younger crowd, it does not mean that people of all ages can't enjoy it.

Welcome to the Skylands!

Enchanted Hoot Loop appears blue in the game sometimes. Is it broken?


This is part of the “enchantment” that many people are unaware of. It's a fun little quirk that was not advertised so you really had no way of knowing.

In the game, Enchanted Hoot Loop's wings will occasionally turn blue.

If you have the physical figure, try taking it outside on a sunny day and watch the magic happen.

Blue Enchanted Hoot Loop

Are there any pre-order bonuses for Skylanders Trap Team?


Stay tuned. I will have a full post about all the current pre-order options coming on Monday.