The news is picking up again as we move closer and closer to launch day which is only about 2 weeks away now.

This week we learned more about Kaos Mode as well as what we can expect from the 3DS version of Trap Team.


Oftentimes if you have a question about something, you're probably not the only one.

Here at SCL I get dozens of emails each week with questions from readers like you. Even though only a few dozen take the time to write in, I am guessing that many more of you have the same questions.

So here in the SCL Q&A I hope to answer some of these questions in a more public forum so that all of you may benefit. I hope to make this a weekly post, but that all depends on you. Please keep sending me any Skylanders questions you may have. I will still reply to all of your emails, but I will also post some of the answers here.


Is there a good smart phone app for keeping track of your Skylanders collection?

In my opinion, no.

Activision has put out their official Skylanders Collection Vault™, but it's not worth a download if you ask me. Why?

First, it's a gigantic app for how little it does. It is currently the second largest app on my iPhone. It takes up more room than Settlers of Catan (a full, multiplayer board game) which doesn't make sense to me.

Second, even though they've pushed out a few updates, it still doesn't seem to have all the Skylanders. I'm not just talking about rare chase variants (which aren't there either), but they don't even have all the in-game variants like Jade Fire Kraken.

I do know someone who is working on a simple (yet complete) checklist app, but it's not done yet. As soon as it is you can be sure I'll post about it here on SCL.

Are there really two new elements in Trap Team?


More and more evidence is coming out that there are two new elements in Trap Team. A few notes though:

New Skylanders Elements

This image was originally from EvanTubeHD's YouTube video showcasing the 3DS Starter Pack. You can clearly see that there are two new elements represented by a sun and a moon.

What we don't know right now is exactly what these elements will be called (Sun/Moon, Light/Dark, Day/Night, Good/Evil) and how big of a role they will play in Trap Team. Many are referring to these as “Mini Elements” since they do not appear in the first three games and according to the poster we saw earlier they will have a limited number of characters.

Do I need a Trap Master of the proper element in order to trap a Villain?


Villains can be defeated by a Trap Master, Giant, Swapper, Core Skylander, or even a Mini of any element. However, if you want to play as that Villain you will need a Trap of the corresponding element. That's all that matters.