Skylanders Imaginators was patched today. On the PS4 the download was labeled Version 1.02, but this could vary on other consoles. Whatever the number it should update the game to version 1.1.0

Expansion Packs

The update notes state: “Expansion pack content added.”

So naturally that was the first thing I went to look for.

To the left of the area where you can access the previous Adventure Pack levels, there is a new bridge.

This bridge takes you to a new island that houses the entrance to the Cursed Tiki Temple. This is the level that they announced to release shortly after the Nintendo Switch in March.

Additionally though there was a second level entrance on this island. This is the entrance to the Lost Imaginite Mines. I think it's safe to assume that this is the level that Ro-Bow will unlock in Wave 5.

So we now have confirmation that two new Adventure Packs are coming.

UPDATE: It appears that we may have some proof of a third unreleased Adventure Pack. Check out the second video for details.

Imaginator Parts

The other big addition to the game that was announced with the Cursed Tiki Temple is that we would be getting additional parts for your Imaginators.

Well it seems that those parts have been added to the game with this update as well.

Bouncing around between the two new level entrances you may notice an Imaginite Chest. In this chest you will find the Shield Maiden Set. This is the same for everyone.

Shield Maiden Set - Skylanders Imaginators

If you visit the Imaginite Set menu, you may notice some new entries. These include:

  • Shield Maiden Set
  • Bento Set
  • Metal Skull Armor
  • Legionnaire Set
  • Goopy Set
  • Flower Power Set
  • Chameleon Set
  • Dryad Set
  • Train Set
  • Plane Set
  • Warrior Queen Set
  • Cat Suit Set
  • Aztec Set
  • Snake Armor Set
  • Special Delivery Set
  • Masquerade Set
  • Night Owl Armor Set
  • Cybug Set
  • Beetle Set
  • Lion Fish Set
  • Royal Guard Set
  • Miner Set
  • Terror of Skylands Set
  • Blue Plate Special Set
  • Spirit Warrior Armor Set
  • Scuba Set
  • Barbarian Set
  • Training Dummy Set
  • Retro Radio Set
  • Rhino Armor Set
  • Castle Set
  • Precious Gems Set
  • Monkey Idol Set

That makes for a total of 33 new sets to collect.

Some of these parts you can actually unlock right now just by playing the game and collecting more Imaginite Chests. However, the vast majority of them seem to be locked to the upcoming level packs.

So you will have to wait to unlock some of these parts, but it is nice to see that they are all ready to go.

Bug Fixes

Many have been reporting that the Heroic Challenge bug has been fixed.

The Light Fanged Creation Crystal is also registering properly in the Collection menu.