Gamescom 2016 is not done giving us news for Skylanders Imaginators.

The Skylanders Pop-Up Shop gave us a good look at some figures we'll hopefully be seeing soon, but it gave us an even better idea of what we can expect in terms of packaging.

Skylanders Imaginators Packaging Overview

Skylanders Imaginators Packaging Overview - Gamescom 2016

Not only do I think that the packaging looks fantastic, but it allows us to see what we can expect from this year.

Single Packs

We caught a glimpse of the first Single Pack featuring Kaos earlier this week. At that time I wasn't sure if it was special packaging for Kaos or if it was going to be the standard packaging.

I'm glad to see that it is the standard packaging.

Kaos Box - Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators Packaging Single Pack - Gamescom 2016

Creation Crystal Single and Triple Packs

Reminiscent of the Traps in Trap Team, we will have both Single Packs and Triple Packs of Creation Crystals.

Skylanders Imaginators Packaging Creation Crystals - Gamescom 2016

Combo Packs

Combo Packs are back again this year. Last year they contained a SuperCharger (Skylander) and their Vehicle.

This year they will contain a Sensei (Skylander) and a Creation Crystal of their element.

Skylanders Imaginators Packaging Combo Pack - Gamescom 2016

As always I would NOT expect to see every character appear in a Combo Pack, just a select few.

Adventure Packs

Adventure Packs are back and they look better than ever.

Skylanders Imaginators Packaging Gryphon Park Observatory - Gamescom 2016

Gryphon Park Observatory appears to be the first Adventure Pack we'll see this year.

This pack includes one Sensei, a Creation Crystal, and a Level Piece.

In particular, Gryphon Park Observatory gives us our first look at the Air Sensei, Air Strike. (Just look at that giant bird on his arm!)

Pre-Order Now!

There are currently three different Starter Packs to choose from:

However, if you're just out to get one of each figure, you can skip the Standard Starter Pack this year. The Crash Edition will have you covered.

Pop-Up Shop – Gamescom 2016

Take a quick video tour of the Pop-Up Shop with Andy Robertson.