Another slow week of Skylanders news, but that should change this week.

Skylanders at Gamescom

We already had a strong suspicion that we would see more of Skylanders at Gamescom based on past years, but with a simple tweet this morning, it seems to be confirmed.

We will be getting more Skylanders news this week.

What is Gamescom?

For those who don't know, Gamescom is another huge video game trade show/convention similar to E3.

Here in the US, E3 is such a big deal because it's on our home turf. Gamescom is actually larger than E3, but since it takes place in Germany, many Americans just aren't able to attend.

Games com runs August 6-9 with a private viewing day on August 5th.

In any case, we should be seeing some more news this week. Reading into the latest tweet, it should be pertaining to the racing aspect of the game. So we'll just have to wait and see what that brings.

Stay tuned!