As I mentioned yesterday I still do not have a solid release date for Wave 3 in the US. However, taking into account some recent events, it may be coming sooner than we anticipated.

Wave 3 Sightings

The first sighting actually came up about a week ago at a Target in Indiana.

Wave 3 Target
Wave 3 Target

As you can see from the pictures only, Big Bubble Pop Fizz, Lava Lance Eruptor, and Splat were available at this time. However, they were available for purchase.

Wave 3 Target

The second sighting was more recent and took place at a Toys R Us in California.

Wave 3 Toys R Us
Wave 3 Toys R Us

The same three figures were available here as well, but once again they were not locked at the register and could be purchased immediately.

So far there's not really a pattern to the release and the lack of a register lock is definitely odd, but it's good to see new Skylanders starting to show up.

Where are the Vehicles?

In both sightings you may have noticed that there were only three SuperChargers.

If you recall my breakdown of Wave 3 from a few weeks ago you know that there's supposed to be more to Wave 3.

For those of you who have been around SKylanders for a while, you may know where I'm going with this, but for the rest of you, let me explain.

I'm referring to a Split Release.

In past years Wave 3 has always come as a Split Release. Typically the Core Skylanders would be released a week or so before Christmas and then the “gimmick” figures (i.e. Giants, Swappers, Trap Masters) would be released a week or so after Christmas. They're all still considered part of Wave 3, but they're not all released at the same time.

Since we didn't get any Core Skylanders this year I was wondering what would happen, but it looks like they may have answered my question.

It looks like we'll see the Wave 3 SuperChargers first and then the Wave 3 Vehicles will follow at a later date.

I don't know what this means for the Combo Packs, Triple Packs, and Action Packs, but I would guess that they will show up around the same time as the Vehicles.