If you haven't heard about this yet, you're in for a big surprise.

This year, in addition to the normal starter packs, Activision is releasing a special Collector's Edition Starter Pack. This pack not only includes an additional two characters to get you started, but all the figures are a rare dark variant.


Previously we've only seen Dark Spyro. He was originally released with the 3DS Starter Pack for Spyro's Adventure. Later he was also released as a single pack in the UK. Other than that, no other dark Skylanders have ever been made.

Now in this brand new Dark Starter Packicon we find a whole team of dark characters. These figures include:

Dark Wash Buckler
Dark Blast Zone
Dark Spyro
Dark Stealth Elf
Dark Slobber Tooth

Personally I think this is my favorite starter pack. Not only does it contain five characters, but I think they look awesome.

So far I'm on board with the Skylanders SWAP Force Dark Edition. The only downside is that this Dark Edition seems to be a GameStop Exclusive Starter Packicon. It's not my favorite place to shop and it might make this pack a little harder to get, but you can pre-order it nowicon.

I did not anticipate a surprise of this magnitude with SWAP Force. It makes me wonder what else Activision might have in store for us down the road. What do you think?