Today a big thank you goes out to the site Gamer in a Box who unveiled the Achievements (Xbox) or Trophies (PlayStation) for the upcoming game, Skylanders Trap Team.

Even if you're not a Trophy Hunter (like I am) you should still be excited about this discovery because it reveals some good news and some interesting questions.

How many levels are in Skylanders Trap Team?

From the Trophy list it looks like there will be 18 levels in the base game (this does not include Adventure Packs). It also appears that each level will contain or possibly end with a major Villain.

The Trophy icons give us head shots of 18 major Villains only a handful of which we've seen before.

You might recognize Gulper in Level 1:

Gulper Trophy

The Chompy Mage in Level 3:

Chompy Mage Trophy

Or Wolfgang in Level 13:

Wolfgang Trophy

It does not appear that any “levels” are just a boss battle like we saw in SWAP Force. I say this because there are trophies for additional tasks in each level that do not relate directly to a boss fight. It looks a lot more like Spyro's Adventure which is very good news in my opinion.

Check out the full list of Achievements here.

Kaos Mode

Further down the list we run into something very interesting: Kaos Mode.

Now we already knew that you can trap Kaos, but this seems to be something different.

Kaos Mode Trophies

Defeating 100 enemies is one thing, but getting 50 Stars? This Kaos mode must be quite extensive if we're able to collect at least 50 Stars.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more news on this.

Maximum Skylander Level

Max Level Trophy

We had heard that the Level Cap was going to remain the same as SWAP Force at 20. This trophy seems to confirm that fact.

Portal Master Rank Returns

Portal Master Rank Trophy

Once again this is something that we caught a glimpse of at E3, but I think you can now say it is confirmed. Portal Master Rank will return in Skylanders Trap Team.

Check out the full list of Achievements here.