I'm sure many of you are eagerly awaiting the release of Skylanders Trap Team. In fact, you probably want to get it in your hands as soon as possible.

That means you're probably looking for a midnight release.

Just as they did last year, Toys R Us has created a list of their stores that will be opening at midnight to accommodate your Skylanders cravings.

Trap Team Toys R Us Midnight Release Schedule

You can find the full list of Toys R Us stores opening at midnight here.

If you're like me and don't have a Toys R Us near you (or maybe your store just isn't opening early) you might be looking for other options.

Toys R Us is typically the only store that opens early for Skylanders. So you probably need to find a store that is open 24 hours. This kicks out Best Buy, Target, and GameStop.

That leaves us with one option: Walmart.

If you plan on shopping Walmart at midnight, here are a few tips for a more pleasant shopping experience:

  1. Don't expect the product to be out on the floor before midnight.
    Walmart isn't advertising a midnight release. While they will sell the product after midnight, having the product ready is not high on their to-do list. Sunday is not a typical release day, to them it's just part of the daily workload, nothing special.
  2. Be patient.
    Most stores do not have a large staff working the floor overnight. The people that are there have a lot of other work to get done as well. If the product is not out on the floor at midnight then you can politely ask one of the electronics employees (or a manager) to bring out the Skylanders Trap Team product.
  3. Remember: There's plenty to go around.
    If you're shopping on Day 1 there should be no need for pushing and shoving. There should be more than enough product for everyone that shows up (especially at midnight). After four years, stores now know how popular Skylanders are and they have increased their orders accordingly.

Two years ago I was working at Walmart. I still know many of the people that work there. I can assure you that if you're calm, patient, and friendly they will be much more willing to help you out.

Good Luck!