Earlier this year we showed you Gold Fire Kraken. This figure was labeled as a Dev Team Exclusive. It is my understanding that this was only handed out to Beenox employees (the team responsible for the Wii version of SWAP Force).

Today's Employee Exclusive is the variant that was handed out to Activision employees. Meet Snowderdash:


While this is not a new character, you can clearly see in this picture that the box says Snowderdash. The figure is in fact a LightCore Smolderdash. However, this sparkle/glitter and blue variant is quite stunning. I already liked the Smolderdash figures, but this one might take the cake.

Snowderdash on eBay

In this second image you can catch a glimpse of the Employee Edition label on the upper left of the box.

If you can find this figure for sale, it definitely will not be cheap. So enjoy these pictures.