UPDATE: Both of these Double Packs are now confirmed. See pictures below.

We started with Single Packs and Triple Packs, but now the time has come for the Double Pack.

If you've been following along with all the SWAP Force news, there's a good chance you've heard about the first (and maybe second) Double Pack.

The first confirmed Double Pack will include the variant Nitro Magna Charge and Rattle Shake. It seems that this pack will be a store exclusive. At this time all signs point to that store being Target, but this has not been officially announced.

Nitro Manga Charge and Rattle Shake Double Pack

The second Double Pack you may have heard of is said to include Nitro Magna Charge and Free Ranger. The rumors are that this pack will also be a Target Exclusive. However, unlike the first pack, we do not have a picture or any further evidence at this time.

Nitro Manga Charge and Free Ranger Double Pack

It seems a but odd to me that we would see the same variant figure being released in two separate packs, but then again this is the first time we've seen Double Packs so maybe this will be more of a regular thing.

With the advent of SWAP Force, it only makes sense to bring in the Double Pack now. These packs will allow you to pick up more swapping options with fewer purchases. By the end of the run, I would imagine that we will see every SWAP Force member in a Double Pack (with the exception of Wash Buckler and Blast Zone for obvious reasons).

What do you think of these Double Packs? Does it sound like something you'll buy?