Gamescom officially opened its doors this morning, so naturally this unleashed a flood of new Skylanders information.

New Trap Masters

First up is Bushwhack. Many of you probably caught a glimpse of Bushwhack a few weeks back when he was part of the big Skylanders leak. Now, however, it is time for the official reveal.

Trap Master - Bushwhack

Secondly, we have another Earth Trap Master. She was also part of a recent leak, but we only got to see her artwork. Head Rush is now the second female Trap Master to be reveal. (Gearshift was the first.)

Trap Master - Head Rush

Finally, we get a look at the second Fire Trap Master. We have not seen or even heard of this one until now. Meet Kaboom!

Trap Master - Kaboom

Overall, I'm really liking the look of the new Trap Masters.

New Villains

In addition to revealing three new Trap Masters, we also got a look at three new Villains.

The first Villain you'll probably recognize because we've already seen his variant form. This is Brawl and Chain.

Brawl And Chain

Secondly is a new Villain whose name seems just a little too close to the first Villain. Perhaps they're related…Here's Brawlrus, a Tech Villain.


Finally, we'll take a look at a new Undead Villain. Say hello to Masker Mind.

Masker Mind

While there are some interesting Villains popping up, I think I still have more fun drooling over the new figures (the Trap Masters in particular).

In any case I'm glad to see that more and more characters are being revealed even though we still have about two months until release day.