That's right. We just got into Wave 4 and we've already found our first chase variant.

For now, I'm going to call it Two-Tone Trap Shadow…

Two Tone Trap Shadow

The first sighting of this variant came on (Germany).

Click Here to view the auction…

As always when new variants are first discovered there was/is some skepticism. If you take a look at the auction images it gets a little more convincing though. I particularly like this image…

Two Tone Trap Shadow Side

In this picture you can see the base of the figure. Take a look at the Stealth Symbol. Now, I understand that if you really wanted to fake this there are ways, but that's not a detail most forgers bother with.

In any case, it has been confirmed by Activision employees to be the real deal. Keep your eyes open for this and most likely a couple more chase variants to match.

Happy Hunting!