While I haven't been able to find Buzz Wing and Thrillipede in stores yet, they did magically show up on my front porch.

Those Wings!

Thanks to Activision I was able to get my hands on the final two Skylanders SuperChargers figures a bit early.

I have a brief unboxing video above so you can get a closer look at the figures themselves, but I'll be sure to get some gameplay up on the channel soon.

As I've mentioned in recent news videos and articles, we had been expecting these figure on May 24th, but a recent press release from Activision told us that we should be seeing them in stores any day now.

Buzz Wing will be a Toys R Us exclusive until June, but you should be able to find Thrillipede at all major retailers immediately.

As I said before, I haven't been able to find these in stores yet (unless you count Buzz Wing on the TRU website) and I haven't heard any reports of others who have, but keep your eyes open.