Yesterday the official Skylanders Twitter account posted a new trailer for the long-awaited Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack.

As you can imagine, the fans here in North America did not take too kindly to this post as it has not yet been released here even though it was originally scheduled for a March 12th release.

Why The Delay?

We don't have an official explanation for the delay and will probably never get one.

There is one popular theory though:

Activision's US Distribution Operations are located in Fresno, California which has seen a lot of flooding over the past few months.

While I have no proof, it does seem like this is something that could have affected the original release date.

New Release Date

In any case, the good news is that we seem to have an updated release date.

The fact that the official Skylanders Twitter account replied to everyone that inquired about a release date seems to indicate that they know something.

April 7th is now the target date.

Hopefully we'll start to see the Cursed Tiki Temple pack in stores soon.

As always, if you spot something in stores take some pics and send them in with a location so we can all follow this release together.

Happy Hunting!