We're already used to there being multiple figures of the same variant type. For instance, there was White-Flocked Eruptor, but there was also White-Flocked Stump Smash and White-Flocked Prism Break.

More often than not, these variants came in sets of three. There were three Glow-in-the-Dark figures, three White-Flocked figures, and three Metallic Purple figures. I think you get the idea.

So now as we're tracking the release of the new SWAP Force variants, you would think we might see some similarities.

Nitro Manga Charge and Rattle Shake Double PackLet's start with what we know. There will be a Nitro Magna Charge. We also know that Magna Charge is not the only Nitro figure that we'll be seeing. In this video Guha Bala (Vicarious Visions) explicitly tells us there are multiple Nitro Edition figures.

We already know about Enchanted Hoot Loop. We have also found some artwork depicting Enchanted Star Strike. I would definitely be keeping an eye out for a third Enchanted figure. I would also expect this figure to be from the Magic element just like Hoot Loop and Star Strike. It would fit well with the Enchanted title.

TRIVIA: The Enchanted figures will actually change color when placed in the sunlight.

We also have the figures from the Dark Starter Pack and one of the original variants, the Legendary Series.

What I Like About These Series

I like that they seem to be helping us fans out a little and naming the variants. It really helps keep things organized and dials down the confusion.

I also like that they seem to be giving each major retailer its own variant series.

  • Toys R Us has always had (and continues to have) the Legendary Series.
  • GameStop is getting the Dark Series.
  • Walmart is getting Enchanted Hoot Loop and I expect them to get Enchanted Star Strike as well as any future Enchanted figures.
  • Target is getting the Nitro Magna Charge and I would expect them to get any future Nitro figures.

Now don't worry, there will be more than just the Store Exclusives to collect. There will still be the various “treasure hunts” (as they call them) scattered throughout SWAP Force that could appear at any store. But I do like that the Store Exclusives are more than just a single figure. It's a nice twist in my book.

What do you think about the variants so far?