With a name like Trap Team, there are obviously a lot of questions to be asked about the all new Traps. While I still can't answer all of them, I hope to be able to clear up a few things for you.

First, I highly recommend that you watch this interview with Lou Studdert. Lou is the head of production on Skylanders, so he definitely knows what he is talking about.

If you don't want to watch the video right now, I will highlight all the major points below the video.

How many Villains are Trappable?

Life HammerMore than 40.

They're not giving us an exact number right now and I don't expect to get one until the game comes out and we play through it ourselves. All you need to know is, there's a lot.

These villains will be presented sort of like mini bosses. They will be scattered throughout the levels, sometimes even in secret areas off the beaten path.

It is your job to find all the villains and clean up the Skylands.

How many Villains can a Trap hold?

One at a time.

I will admit, it sounded a little sketchy when the game was first announced, but the way Lou explains it in the video above makes a lot of sense.

When you defeat a Villain, you have two choices. You can immediately capture them in a Trap so you can use them right away in the current level or you can send them to be store in your Vault.

Between levels you will be able to retrieve Villains that are stored in your Vault and move them to one of your Traps. Only the Villains that are stored in Traps are useable during gameplay.

How many Traps do I need?

Water TikiI would say a minimum of 8 (one of each Element), but ultimately it's personal preference.

This is like asking how many Skylanders do you need. It really depends on what your goal is and how you play the game.

To finish the game: 1 Skylander
To complete Spyro's Adventure 100%: 8 Skylanders
To complete Giants 100%: 8 Skylanders (with at least one being a Giant)
To complete SWAP Force 100%: 8 Skylanders (with at least one of each Movement Type)

So how many Traps do you need…

To finish the game: 0 (I think, but you get 2 in the Starter Pack anyway)
To complete Trap Team 100%: 8 Traps

The last two are educated guesses at this point, but I think you can agree, it makes sense.

Wrap Up

If you want access to all 40+ Villains all the time, then you will need to have 40+ Traps on hand.

If you don't mind waiting to switch Villains between levels, then 8 Traps will do just fine.

If you don't want to fight as Villains, then you don't need any Traps, but where's the fun in that?