We're about a month away from the launch of Skylanders Imaginators so it's time to start taking a closer look at when you'll be able to pick up all your favorite figures.

Imaginators Wave 1

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Through a variety of different sources we have been able to determine which figures are considered Wave 1. These figures will be available on Day 1/Launch Day.

Starter Packs

This year there are only three Starter Packs to choose from. The good news is that if you're collecting one of each figure (including variants), you only need to buy two of these packs.

For details on these packs you can check out this article.

Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack PS4Standard Edition

Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition Starter PackCrash Edition

Skylanders Imaginators Dark Edition Starter PackDark Edition

Adventure Packs

We already know about a few Adventure Packs that we'll be getting this year, but only one will be coming out in Wave 1.

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Gryphon Park ObservatoryGryphon Park Observatory

This pack will include:

  • Air Strike
  • Earth Creation Crystal
  • Gryphon Park Observatory (Level Piece)

Combo Packs

Not every figure will have a Combo Pack, but for the few that do, there will be a slight discount over buying the included pieces individually. Each Combo Pack includes one Sensei and one Creation Crystal.

We'll see two Combo Packs in Wave 1 which include:

This Combo Pack will be the only way to get Mysticat in Wave 1.

Single Pack Figures

This year there will be six Single Pack figures available in Wave 1. This is a fairly average number for the first wave.

You should expect to see:

Skylanders Imaginators Box - AmbushAmbush

Skylanders Imaginators Box - BarbellaBarbella

Skylanders Imaginators Box - ChopscotchChopscotch

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Dr. KrankcaseDr. Krankcase

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Tae Kwon CrowTae Kwon Crow

Skylanders Imaginators Box - WolfgangWolfgang


The following figures are not technically considered part of Wave 1. However, there are ways to get them on Day 1 at the same time as Wave 1.

Kaos Box - Skylanders ImaginatorsKaos

Chompy MageChompy Mage

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Hood SickleHood Sickle

As you hopefully know by now, you can get a free Kaos figure as long as you pre-order a Starter Pack (Standard, Crash, or Dark Edition) from any major retailer.

Hood Sickle is a Wave 2 figure and Chompy Mage is Wave 3 or later, but if you order the Amazon Exclusive Villain 5-Pack you will be able to get them both at launch.

Single Pack Creation Crystals

At launch there will be a limited variety of Creation Crystals in Single Packs. These include:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Life
  • Light
  • Magic
  • Undead
  • Water

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Air Creation CrystalAir Creation Crystal

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Earth Creation CrystalEarth Creation Crystal

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Life Creation CrystalLife Creation Crystal

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Light Creation CrystalLight Creation Crystal

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Magic Creation CrystalMagic Creation Crystal

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Undead Creation CrystalUndead Creation Crystal

Skylanders Imaginators Box - Water Creation CrystalWater Creation Crystal

The Dark Creation Crystal will be available in the Dark Edition Starter Pack.

The Fire Creation Crystal will be available in the Standard and Crash Edition Starter Packs.

See below for the Tech Creation Crystal.

Triple Packs

As per usual we will see a few Triple Packs that will give you a few more options and save you a few dollars. However, keep in mind that these multi-packs are typically limited in quantity.

During Wave 1, this is the only place you will be able to get your hands on a Tech Creation Crystal.

  • Magic, Tech, Undead
  • Water, Life, Air

Mystery Chests

Finally we come to the last accessory.

These are the Imaginite Mystery Chests. We still don't know a lot about them, but here's what we do know.

There are three different colors/types of Chests:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

The Chests will be sold in blind bags.

Skylanders Imaginators Mystery Chest BlueImaginite Mystery Chest (Blue Bag)

Skylanders Imaginators Mystery Chest GreenImaginite Mystery Chest (Green Bag)

Skylanders Imaginators Mystery Chest PurpleImaginite Mystery Chest (Purple Bag)

There appear to be three different colors of blind bags, but there is no indication that a certain color corresponds to a certain Chest.

The packaging also seems to indicate that each Chest will unlock 9 items.

Is this all they do? Are these one-time use items? We don't know yet.