This is a question I've been getting a lot over the past month.

Where is Chompy Mage?

Chompy Mage

Well, the simple answer is: He's out.

I have Chompy Mage in my collection. I've had him since Day 1.

But as many of you know, this is Skylanders and things aren't always that simple.

I don't have official definitive answers, but here's what I know.

Chompy Mage in the US and Canada

Here in the US (and I believe this holds true for Canada as well), Chompy Mage was available via the Villain 5-Pack.

This pack was available to pre-order before the game was released and was still available to purchase for a few months afterwards.

Both the US and Canadian listings for this pack stated that the pack was exclusive to Amazon and this pack was the only way to get Chompy Mage.

Chompy Mage - Villain 5-Pack - Amazon Exclusive

Chompy Mage - Villain 5-Pack - Amazon Exclusive

Seriously? The ONLY Way?

I will admit that the first time I read this I was a bit skeptical.

I thought it may just be poorly worded. I thought it was some marketing team trying to make more sales. I thought that perhaps they meant it was a timed exclusive.

While these are still possibilities, it's looking less and less likely by the day.

There is a chance that this is the only release of regular Chompy Mage that we will see here.

Chompy Mage Outside the US

The piece of the puzzle that throws the biggest wrench in my theory is that the other territories have not seen any sort of release yet.

In my brief research and in talking with a number of fans from Europe and Australia, regular Chompy Mage has not been released at the retail level. Not individually and not in a 5-Pack.

With Wave 3 now fully out, this means that it would have to be part of Wave 4 or Wave 5.

Why is this such a big deal?

If this was an accessory (i.e. Trap) or even a variant figure, I definitely wouldn't be making such a big deal about this.

However, this is a core figure in the Skylanders Imaginators release.

While core figures can sometimes be hard to find, we've never had one restricted to one region and one specific retailer within that region.

Future Possibilities

Looking ahead we still have Wave 4 and Wave 5 to be released.

At this time I do not have any solid information on these Waves.

We're all still waiting on:

Additionally, I know some people are still holding out for a Pain-Yatta Single Pack (as opposed to the Combo Pack that's out now).

While it is very likely that Pain-Yatta will get a Single Pack release and there is a possibility that Chompy Mage could get released individually, there's always the late-Wave dilemma.

Stores typically don't get much of Wave 4 or Wave 5 because they still have early Wave stock sitting on their shelves.

To make this problem worse, I would imagine that Pain-Yatta and Chompy Mage will be short-packed (fewer per case) as they have already been released in some form or fashion.

This is why if you know you want (or even think you'll want) a specific figure I always, always, always recommend buying at the first opportunity you get (at retail price).

Alternative Plan

Thankfully there is an alternative.

Chompy Mage does have a variant figure: Jingle Bell Chompy Mage.

Jingle Bell Chompy Mage - Skylanders Imaginators

Personally, I think Jingle Bell Chompy Mage is the superior figure, but that's just my opinion.

The good news is that the variant figure will grant access to all the same areas and unlock all the same parts that the standard figure will.

So if all you can find is Jingle Bell Chompy Mage (which is readily available everywhere), you'll still be able to play the game in the same way.