If you've been scouring the internet for any scrap of new Trap Team information you can find, you probably already know that a few Street Dates have already been broken. (This simply means that new products have been sold before they were supposed to be on the shelves.)

What you might not know is that these items can give us some information that we've been waiting for…


This past summer Frito-Lay and Skylanders held a new sort of contest in which a few lucky fans got to name one of three new Skylanders.

Frito-Lay Skylanders Winners

Above you can see the three names that were chosen to be voted on.

It was MY understanding that all three characters would be in the game, but only the figure with the most votes would receive the fan-created name.

Enough history, on to the news!


So now if you take a close look at the back of this Trap Team Triple Pack (that someone is trying to sell on eBay) you may notice something interesting.

Frito-Lay Winners Trap Team

Did you find it yet? Let's zoom in a little…

Frito-Lay Winners Trap Team Close Up

How about now?

Here it appears that BOTH the Bat Spin and High Five names have made the final cut. I would think that this means it's safe to assume that Flip Wreck is also an official name.

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook here, but these Frito-Lay contest and giveaways are really starting to rub me the wrong way. So I think I'll stop there before I say something I'll regret.

In any case, instead of one winner it looks like all three contestants are winners as their names will be used for the selected Core Skylanders in Trap Team.