Battlecast Servers Shutting Down on September 1st

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It's a sad, sad day in the Skylands.

End of Skylanders Battlecast Announcement

Shutting Down the Servers

As of September 1, 2017, Activision will be shutting down the Battlecast servers and you will no longer be able to play the game digitally.

According to the announcement, they have devised a way to play the game physically, but they have not released these rules yet. Keep an eye on for further updates.

Free Battle Packs and Booster Packs

From now until our servers close, please enjoy digital Battle Packs and digital Booster Packs at a reduced cost.

This “reduced cost” is free.

Free Skylanders Battlecast Booster Packs

So if you don't have a complete collection of digital cards yet and wanted to try them out, just keep tapping away at that Booster Pack button.

No More In-App Purchases

This seems like a bit of an odd move especially coming from Activision as it cuts off their only way of making money from this app.

No More Skylanders Battlecast In-App Purchases

It's pretty straightforward though. You can no longer spend any money in the Skylanders Battlecast app.

My Thoughts

I will never begin to understand why Activision treated Skylanders Battlecast the way they did.

For those that don't know: They cut or reassigned all but a handful of staff that had been work on Battlecast just as the game was launched. This meant that we got next to no tech support and very minimal updates.

After months of hyping up this new spin on Skylanders, they just abandoned the project without even waiting for a reaction from the general public.

The worst part is: I love Skylanders Battlecast. I think it's a great game (regardless of the fact that it can only be played digitally) and it's a game that I play almost daily to this day!

For the most part I think the fans of Skylanders that actually tried Battlecast did like the game. If only it had been given a little more support and some time to squash a few more bugs, I think it could have been a much bigger success.

I really, truly believe that Skylanders Battlecast is a quality game and I believe that it could have been a commercial success for Activision even without the physical cards. They could have kept it as a digital only game and even started to offer expansions digitally and I think people would have eaten it up.

As I stated earlier, I will never begin to understand the rationale behind releasing a game and immediately cutting off any real form of support for it.

Regardless of Activision's decisions, I will definitely continue to play Skylanders Battlecast right up until that September 1st cutoff date. I only wish that they would have given the game a chance to succeed in the first place and perhaps we wouldn't have to deal with this sadness.

  • Erich

    This is indeed sad. The game was dead before it began and that is such a waste. I often wonder what goes on at activision with their odd game choices. This adds to that list of dumb Things this company does. Once Skylanders is totally dead it sold, I will likely never use their products again.

    Please. Naughty dog. Buy Skylanders.

    • Joshua G.

      I wouldn’t say Skylanders is on its last legs, or at worst, not yet. There’s a third season of Academy to be released, an upcoming Adventure Pack, and the possible chance of a new mobile game. There may be no new console game this year, but if 2018 brings us one, PRAY that we get to fuse two seperate Skylanders into one. Kinda like SWAP force, but all three attacks are combined into dual-element attacks.

  • Zym

    I did just post on the last thread that Activision did just release the remastered Crash trilogy. Good call for a remaster work. Fun so far.

    • Zym

      Haha, replying to myself…I did put Crash and Neo on the portal and as expected….nothing. Would have been fun to see the game do something simple like give 10 free lives or something non-important. I’m pretty sure this release was why Crash was in Skylanders, of course I don’t read any of the news so everyone probably already knew this.

  • Joshua G.

    Over a month without Lost Imaginite Mines news? Geez, I hate to say this, but I am growing SUPER impatient.

    As for Battlecast, never was a fan, but I’m a little sad to see it go. Then again, it was a commercial flop. I’ve seen these kind of occurrences before – like with Animeme Rap Battles. Like ARB, Activision tried something new, and it didn’t work. It’s the way things work with many new ideas.

  • Dan

    Wow what a way to screw Skylanders fans ! Getting them to go out and invest time and money into a game that they are going to shut down after such a short time they should be offering a full refund perticularly to those who purchased digital content! My guess they will probably never properly release the last five Creation Crystals as well and as for Blaster Tron , Tidepool and Lost imaginite mines what a pathetic release of the last few Senseis and packs hardly any to go around less than 100 imaginite mines per city !! Has anyone got theirs yet ??

    • Tage S. Rasmussen

      Agree, it is really pathetic. If they would keep Battlecast alive as a physical card game as they state they should at least offer a full deck of cards at a discounted price. Otherwise it will not make sense.

      Regarding Wave 5 I have not seen them neither in stores nor webshops in Denmark, but I have ordered then from the UK. For some reason it seems the UK have plenty of Wave 5 figures including Chompy Mage.

      • Dan

        Lol who are you supposed to play against? I don’t know anyone with physical decks to play against! They must have some real idiots working at Activision these days or they are in financial trouble perhaps seriously how little would it cost to support the game for another year or two!? Activision has lost touch with the common gamer it’s all about profits these days and if there’s no money to be made they are not interested!!

        • Tage S. Rasmussen

          True and cancelling the a game after only one year and with only 2 months notice is really disrespectfull of the peole who have invested in the game. .

          However if a full deck was available at a reasonable price (or preferabky for free) it would be possible, although you would end up playing with just a few people.

          But I guess Activision want people to buy their stock of physical cards. It costs a fortune to gather a full deck byuing battlepacks and booster packs even with heaviliy discounted prices.

          But they will most likely just suggest to print the cards yourself.

    • Imani Richards

      No I haven’t gotten mine yet. Has it been released in the United States yet?

      • Dan

        They are showing up on eBay from different states I’m assuming it’s hitting stores shelves!!?

        • Imani Richards

          Ok thank you. Ill check there.

        • Zym

          Seems like all the U.S. seller on eBay have estimated delivery dates around Aug 21st….maybe the sellers know the release dates.

          • mindee

            Oooh! Just in time for my birthday on the 20th! Huzzah if it’s true!

          • Zym

            If it’s not true, I’ll arrange a total solar eclipse for the day after your birthday.

          • mindee

            Niiiice! Just don’t moon me. Lol

          • Zym

            Happy Birthday!

          • mindee

            Thanks! 😁 I see you kept your word on the eclipse, too. LOL 👍

          • Joshua G.

            Don’t count on it. Now there’s a chance of delivery in September. And when September arrives, expected delivery date becomes October. That’s how it goes with preorder items on eBay.

          • Erich

            That’s right. You can only list a preorder item within 30 days of release. Loophole:change the date.

    • Dan

      Check this out sounds like there might be a new Skylanders game coming in the future!?

    • Casen Woody

      I think they should just allow you to buy the levels digitally because I could care less about Ro-bow or Wild Storm.

    • Dan
      • mindee

        Thanks for rubbing it in, Dan! 😝😝😝😂

  • Zym

    I was always scared to start playing Battlecast in fears I’d really like it and spend a lot of $$ trying to get all the cards. Besides Battlecast, I did really like Battle Grounds and my wife loved Lost Islands (I stopped when I got reset, but really liked the Alter Ego Skylanders), and I still play Cloud Patrol every now and then on my iPhone4 (level 73 so far). Finally, Battle Grounds had so much potential to add new levels real miss there. Heck, I even remember loading all our Skylanders on an online Skylanders account (I was Legendary Kaos) hanging out with other Skylanders fans playing mini games, unfortunately, that didn’t last long either. Too much free good stuff came at a cost too high for them I guess.

  • Imani Richards

    Yeah this is really sad because I once downloaded the game, but when O tried to play, It wouldn’t play. It just stayed stuck on loading the game. After I complained about this problem on the Google Play store, I don’t believe that anything was done about it. I was under the impression that only Google Android users were experiencing this problem. I never saw any announcement go out providing an explaination nor an appology for letting down its fans regarding Skylanders Battlecast. Wow what an utter disappointing shame Activision.

  • JimyMahr

    Hey, at least it got a farewell acknowledgement. Lost Islands just got shuttled over to the abandonware, where I am quite sure you can still spend money on gems even though they haven’t updated since the end of Trap Team.

    To be honest, Battlecast always was a bit of an uphill battle due to the fact that 1. Hearthstone is more established and, oddly enough, an in-house competitor and 2. the physical cards were worthless. I still have my physical cards since I like to collect, but the duplicates, once scanned in and leveled I just chucked into the trash. I’ll be dissappointed in they add duplicate cards per deck in the physical rules. I just wish TRU and target would get the memo that the game has been dead and do $3/1 starter/booster clearance like the Walmarts did.

  • MrMinderbinder

    Wait, wait, wait… they’ve announced impending shutdown, and they have the audacity to continue to sell digital content? They’ve come out and told people that digital content will be unusable in less than two months, but they continue to charge money for it? They’re still “encouraging people to buy it… at a discounted price!”?

    EDIT: Check that. Just saw that the “reduced price” is free. Well, I guess that’s something. You get free unlimited access to the game for 60 days. Then… kablaam-o! All gone. Glad I didn’t sink any money in on this one. At least with regular Skylanders… I’ll always have the physical toys. Even if the games were to somehow cease to work, I’d have shelves and shelves of shiny pretty plastic.

  • Dan
    • Looks like someone had connections.

      • Dan

        Do you think we will see those last 5 creation crystals??
        And with Skylanders franchise shutting down for a while I just want to say thanks personally Matt you made my job of tracking down all the different Skylanders so much easier it’s an amazing web page you have created and Activision needs to cut you a massive check!! Thanks!

    • Zym

      Really? $250 and a prototype which means it just looks like the missing crystal but no guarantee it registers as it. I’d say pass, but kuddos for the seller, probably got the $250. I keep the picture list of 5 in my wallet since I have no clue what they look like anymore.

      • Dan

        It works properly there was a picture of it in game I just didn’t put it on here sorry

  • alterku

    I liked it a lot until they broke the camera on android, and refused to fix it for a month before I had to drop the game. It died an embarrassing death in my eyes like that.

  • mindee

    Huh. I have a TON of unscanned physical cards from trying to complete my set. We could all do a swap or something if anyone wants to work on the physical set?

    I finally got the 3 digital versions I was missing to make the full digital set after they made it free for new cards. Too little too late! Still missing a few of the physical cards. Sad to see it go, I enjoyed playing!

  • Stayforeverskylanders

    Fun fact: the arena music for Skylanders Imaginators was used in a commercial for Man vs Food. Also, in terms of Crash Bandicoot Insane Trilogy being done by Activision makes me picture the board of Activision in a board meeting deciding whether to make the toys to life based on Spyro or Bandicoot all those years ago. Of course they had to go with Spyro since dragons rule.

  • Joshua G.

    Ordered a Lost Imaginite Mines from the UK on eBay a while ago. It wasn’t too expensive, since I had an eBay coupon from selling a Price Guarantee item. It cost only $37, shipping and all, which is great, considering most LIM packs on eBay are usually in the $40-$50s range with expensive shipping.

    • MrMinderbinder

      I know this isn’t really an option for everybody, but I’ve got to recommend going ahead and ordering from Europe. It’s been over three months since Cursed Tiki Temple, and the US still has no news about Lost Imaginite Mines/Robow. About a month ago, I gave in and order from Germany, and speaking as a collector, it was worth the extra few bucks to have the set of Imaginators completed.

      Sure, it still irks me that I’m short 5 crystals which may or may not ever get released. Still, it’s nice having all of the levels and all of the characters. Skylanders distribution has been an absolute mess for the last three games, to the point where I’m considering quitting Skylanders permanently (assuming they release another game).

  • dgl14

    What about Ro-bow

  • dgl14

    Man an Entire month with no news that’s a new record

  • Mike Bovia Sr

    are you still doing this page?

    • Yes I am. There’s just no news to report.

      • Waylon Weyant

        Do you have a source for Robow in Europe?

    • Erich

      We are quietly agreeing that Skylanders is over. It was a slow and quiet death. It will be missed.

      I’m calling it. T.O.D. 22:03 08/13/17

  • mindee

    Just a heads up for those still looking for Lost Imaginite Mines, I found a not terrible price after shipping at Comes out to about $35 US, but is on back order. Since it’s sold and shipped by Amazon, it gives me hope that they will get more. I went ahead and put in an order while I continue to search locally since they don’t charge you until it ships and I can probably cancel it if I find it.

  • dgl14

    Few days left hope ro bow will be finally coming to the states, and on shelves everywhere

    • Erich

      Better to have hope in your soul than soap in your hole.

  • VideoGamer1212

    Today’s the day… 😔

  • knuclear200x

    reeeally glad im not a TCG guy

  • Ron McCale

    Hello, I purchased the robo expansion pack on Ebay a month ago and when it didn’t ship I asked the person selling it why who then told me it would ship when they get it in October. Is that the case? It hasn’t even been shipped anywhere yet? I know it’s off topic here but was hoping someone could answer that question. Thanks!

    • Erich

      That’s really not ok. First off, Ebay doesn’t allow preorders over 30 days because you, the buyer, will lose the ability to get a refund soon. Secondly, the seller has no idea when, or if, it will even come out. My source at toys r us has no listed street date. It likely will never come. Get a refund. If it’s still on Ebay, just buy it again in order to secure your ability for a return if it never comes or arrives messed up.

  • Ron McCale

    Thanks so much for that reply!!! I will cancel the order. I just thought it had launched and I just missed it. There’s tons of ebay auctions for it right now, I thought I had gotten lucky to even win won for it!