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Skylanders Imaginators is the sixth game in the Skylanders series. Below you will find pictures of every figure and links to get all the information you need on each character.

When all is said and done, the Imaginators release will include:

To find out if a figure has been released, you can find all Skylanders release dates here.

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Imaginator Skylanders Sensei

Air StrikeAir Strike

Ambush - Skylanders ImaginatorsAmbush

Aurora - Skylanders ImaginatorsAurora

Barbella - Skylanders ImaginatorsBarbella

Boom BloomBoom Bloom

Buckshot - Skylanders ImaginatorsBuckshot

Chain Reaction - Skylanders ImaginatorsChain Reaction

Chopscotch - Skylanders ImaginatorsChopscotch

Crash Bandicoot - Life BrawlerCrash Bandicoot

Dr. Neo Cortex - Skylanders ImaginatorsDr. Neo Cortex

Ember - Skylanders ImaginatorsEmber

Flare Wolf - Skylanders ImaginatorsFlarewolf

King PenKing Pen

Mysticat - Skylanders ImaginatorsMysticat

Pit BossPit Boss

Ro-Bow - Skylanders ImaginatorsRo-Bow

Starcast - Skylanders ImaginatorsStarcast

Tidepool - Skylanders ImaginatorsTidepool

Tri-Tip - Skylanders ImaginatorsTri-Tip

Wild Storm - Skylanders ImaginatorsWild Storm

In-Game Variant Imaginator Skylanders

Candy Coated ChopscotchCandy-Coated Chopscotch

Dark King PenDark King Pen

Egg Bomber Air Strike - Skylanders Imaginators Easter VariantEgg Bomber Air Strike

Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf - Skylanders Imaginators Easter VariantHard-Boiled Flarewolf

Legendary Pit BossLegendary Pit Boss

Legendary Tri-TipLegendary Tri-Tip

Solar Flare Aurora - Skylanders ImaginatorsSolar Flare Aurora

Chase Variant Imaginator Skylanders

Clear StarcastClear Starcast

Dec-Ember - Exclusive Employee Holiday Edition 2016Dec-Ember
(Employee Edition)

Orange Chain Reaction - Skylanders ImaginatorsOrange Chain Reaction

Pink BarbellaPink Barbella

Imaginator Villain Sensei

Bad Juju - Skylanders ImaginatorsBad Juju

Blaster-Tron - Skylanders ImaginatorsBlaster-Tron

Chompy MageChompy Mage

Dr. KrankcaseDr. Krankcase

Golden Queen - Villain SenseiGolden Queen

Grave Clobber - Skylanders ImaginatorsGrave Clobber

Hood SickleHood Sickle

Kaos Figure - Skylanders ImaginatorsKaos

Pain-Yatta - Skylanders ImaginatorsPain-Yatta

Tae Kwon Crow - Skylanders ImaginatorsTae Kwon Crow


In-Game Variant Imaginator Villains

Dark Golden QueenDark Golden Queen

Dark WolfgangDark Wolfgang

Jingle Bell Chompy Mage - Skylanders ImaginatorsJingle Bell Chompy Mage

Mystical Bad Juju - Skylanders ImaginatorsMystical Bad Juju

Mystical Tae Kwon Crow - Skylanders ImaginatorsMystical Tae Kwon Crow

Steel Plated Hood SickleSteel Plated Hood Sickle

Chase Variant Imaginator Villains

Rock Candy Pain-YattaRock Candy Pain-Yatta

Creation Crystals

Not sure which Crystals have been released or where to find them? Check out Creation Crystal Clarification.

UnknownAir Acorn

Air Angel Creation CrystalAir Angel

Air Lantern Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsAir Lantern

Dark Pyramid Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsDark Pyramid

Dark Reactor Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsDark Reactor

Dark Rune Creation CrystalDark Rune

Earth Armor Creation CrystalEarth Armor

Earth Rocket Creation CrystalEarth Rocket

UnknownEarth Rune

Fire Acorn Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsFire Acorn

UnknownFire Angel

Fire Reactor Creation CrystalFire Reactor

Life Acorn Creation CrystalLife Acorn

Life Claw Creation CrystalLife Claw

Life Rocket Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsLife Rocket

Life Rune Creation CrystalLife Rune

UnknownLight Angel

Light Fanged Creation CrystalLight Fanged

Light Rune Creation CrystalLight Rune

Magic Claw Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsMagic Claw

Magic Lantern Creation CrystalMagic Lantern

Magic Pyramid Creation CrystalMagic Pyramid

Tech Armor Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsTech Armor

UnknownTech Pyramid

Tech Reactor Creation CrystalTech Reactor

Undead Claw Creation CrystalUndead Claw

Undead Fanged Creation CrystalUndead Fanged

Undead Lantern Creation CrystalUndead Lantern

Water Armor Creation CrystalWater Armor

Water Fanged Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsWater Fanged

Water Rocket Creation CrystalWater Rocket

Variant Creation Crystals

Legendary Life Acorn - Skylanders ImaginatorsLegendary Life Acorn

Legendary Light Fanged Creation CrystalLegendary Light Fanged

Legendary Magic Lantern Creation CrystalLegendary Magic Lantern

Magic Items

Blue Chest - Cursed Tiki TempleBlue Chest
(Cursed Tiki Temple)

Bronze Mystery ChestBronze Mystery Chest

Enchanted Elven Forest - Skylanders ImaginatorsEnchanted Elven Forest

Gold Mystery ChestGold Mystery Chest

Gryphon Park ObservatoryGryphon Park Observatory

Silver Mystery ChestSilver Mystery Chest