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Skylanders Imaginators

Buckshot - Skylanders ImaginatorsBuckshot

Mysticat - Skylanders ImaginatorsMysticat

Pain-Yatta - Skylanders ImaginatorsPain-Yatta

Skylanders SuperChargers

Big Bubble Pop FizzBig Bubble Pop Fizz

Soda SkimmerSoda Skimmer


Splatter SplasherSplatter Splasher

Skylanders Trap Team

Blastermind - Trap MasterBlastermind

Cobra Cadabra - Series 1Cobra Cadabra

Deja Vu - Series 1Deja Vu

Enigma - Trap MasterEnigma

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz - Series 3Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (S3)

Mini Mini JiniMini Jini

Mini SprySpry

Skylanders SWAP Force

Dune Bug - Series 1Dune Bug

Hoot LoopHoot Loop

Mega Ram Spyro - Series 3Mega Ram Spyro (S3)

Star Strike - Series 1Star Strike

LightCore Star StrikeStar Strike LightCore

Super Gulp Pop Fizz - Series 2Super Gulp Pop Fizz (S2)

Trap ShadowTrap Shadow

Skylanders Giants

Double Trouble - Series 2Double Trouble


Pop Fizz - Series 1Pop Fizz

LightCore Pop FizzPop Fizz LightCore

Spyro - Series 2Spyro

Wrecking Ball - Series 2Wrecking Ball

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Double Trouble - Series 1Double Trouble

Spyro - Series 1Spyro

Voodood - Series 1Voodood

Wrecking Ball - Series 1Wrecking Ball