SWAP Force Figures

Below you will find pictures of all the Skylanders that were released with the third game, Skylanders SWAP Force. This includes:

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SWAP Force Skylanders

Blast ZoneBlast Zone

Boom Jet - SWAP ForceBoom Jet

Doom StoneDoom Stone

Fire KrakenFire Kraken

Free RangerFree Ranger

Freeze BladeFreeze Blade

Grilla DrillaGrilla Drilla

Hoot LoopHoot Loop

Magna ChargeMagna Charge

Night ShiftNight Shift

Rattle Shake - SWAP ForceRattle Shake

Rubble RouserRubble Rouser

Spy RiseSpy Rise

Stink BombStink Bomb

Trap ShadowTrap Shadow

Wash BucklerWash Buckler

New (Series 1) Skylanders

Bumble Blast - Series 1Bumble Blast

Countdown - Series 1Countdown

Dune Bug - Series 1Dune Bug

Fryno - Series 1Fryno

Grim Creeper - Series 1Grim Creeper

Pop Thorn - Series 1Pop Thorn

Punk Shock - Series 1Punk Shock

Riptide - Series 1Rip Tide

Roller Brawl - Series 1Roller Brawl

Scorp - Series 1Scorp

Scratch - Series 1Scratch

Slobber Tooth - Series 1Slobber Tooth

Smolderdash - Series 1Smolderdash

Star Strike - Series 1Star Strike

Wind-Up - Series 1Wind Up

Zoo Lou - Series 1Zoo Lou

Returning (Series 2 and Series 3) Skylanders

Anchors Away Gill Grunt - Series 3Anchors Away Gill Grunt (S3)

Big Bang Trigger Happy - Series 3Big Bang Trigger Happy (S3)

Blizzard Chill - Series 2Blizzard Chill (S2)

Fire Bone Hot Dog - Series 2Fire Bone Hot Dog (S2)

Heavy Duty Sprocket - Series 2Heavy Duty Sprocket (S2)

Horn Blast Whirlwind - Series 3Horn Blast Whirlwind (S3)

Hyper Beam Prism Break - Series 3Hyper Beam Prism Break (S3)

Knockout Terrafin - Series 3Knockout Terrafin (S3)

Lava Barf Eruptor - Series 3Lava Barf Eruptor (S3)

Mega Ram Spyro - Series 3Mega Ram Spyro (S3)

Ninja Stealth Elf - Series 3Ninja Stealth Elf (S3)

Phantom Cynder - Series 3Phantom Cynder (S3)

Super Gulp Pop Fizz - Series 2Super Gulp Pop Fizz (S2)

Thorn Horn Camo - Series 2Thorn Horn Camo (S2)

Turbo Jet-Vac - Series 2Turbo Jet-Vac (S2)

Twin Blade Chop Chop - Series 3Twin Blade Chop Chop (S3)

LightCore Skylanders

LightCore Bumble BlastBumble Blast LightCore

LightCore CountdownCountdown LightCore

LightCore FlashwingFlashwing LightCore

Grim Creeper LightCoreGrim Creeper LightCore

LightCore SmolderdashSmolderdash LightCore

LightCore Star StrikeStar Strike LightCore

LightCore WarnadoWarnado LightCore

LightCore Wham-ShellWham-Shell LightCore

SWAP Force Magic Items

Arkeyan CrossbowArkeyan Crossbow

Battle HammerBattle Hammer

Fiery ForgeFiery Forge

Groove MachineGroove Machine

Platinum SheepPlatinum Sheep

Sheep Wreck IslandSheep Wreck Island

Sky DiamondSky Diamond

Tower Of TimeTower of Time

Target Pre-order Card - UFO HatUFO Hat

Skylanders SWAP Force In-Game Variants

Dark Blast ZoneDark Blast Zone

Dark Slobber ToothDark Slobber Tooth

Dark Mega Ram Spyro Series 3Dark Spyro

Dark Ninja Stealth Elf Series 3Dark Stealth Elf

Dark Wash BucklerDark Wash Buckler

Enchanted Hoot LoopEnchanted Hoot Loop

Enchanted LightCore Star StrikeEnchanted LightCore Star Strike

Jade Fire KrakenJade Fire Kraken

Jolly Bumble BlastJolly Bumble Blast

Kickoff CountdownKickoff Countdown

Legendary Free RangerLegendary Free Ranger

Legendary LightCore Grim CreeperLegendary LightCore Grim Creeper

Legendary Night ShiftLegendary Night Shift

Legendary Zoo LouLegendary Zoo Lou

Nitro Freeze BladeNitro Freeze Blade

Nitro Magna ChargeNitro Magna Charge

Quickdraw Rattle ShakeQuick Draw Rattle Shake

Springtime Trigger HappySpringtime Trigger Happy

Volcanic EruptorVolcanic Eruptor

Skylanders SWAP Force Chase Variants

Bronze Trap - Silver ShadowBronze & Silver Trap Shadow

Flocked Springtime Trigger HappyFlocked Springtime Trigger Happy

Green Flame Frito-Lay Fire Bone Hot DogFrito-Lay Hot Dog

Purple Flame Frito-Lay Fire Bone Hot DogFrito-Lay Hot Dog

Red Flame Frito-Lay Fire Bone Hot DogFrito-Lay Hot Dog

Gold & Bronze Doom StoneGold & Bronze Doom Stone

Gold Fire Kraken - 2013 Developer ExclusiveGold Fire Kraken

Gold Wash BucklerGold Wash Buckler

Green Chop ChopGreen Chop Chop

Green Rip TideGreen Rip Tide

Green ScorpGreen Scorp

Best Buy Exclusive Heavy Metal SprocketHeavy Metal Sprocket

Metallic Red Dune BugMetallic Red Dune Bug

Silver Stink - Gold BombSilver & Gold Stink Bomb

Snowderdash - Employee Edition LightCore Smolderdash Holiday 2013Snowderdash