Below you will find pictures of all the Skylanders that were released with the third game, Skylanders SWAP Force. This includes:

  • 16 SWAP Force Skylanders
  • 16 New Core Skylanders (Series 1)
  • 16 Returning Core Skylanders (Series 2 AND Series 3)
  • 8 LightCore Skylanders

Click the pictures for more information and a larger image.

SWAP Force Skylanders (Swappers)

Blast Zone
Boom Jet
Doom Stone
Fire Kraken
Free Ranger
Freeze Blade
Grilla Drilla
Hoot Loop
Magna Charge
Night Shift
Rattle Shake
Rubble Rouser
Spy Rise
Stink Bomb
Trap Shadow
Wash Buckler

New (Series 1) Skylanders

Bumble Blast - Series 1
Countdown - Series 1
Dune Bug - Series 1
Fryno - Series 1
Grim Creeper - Series 1
Pop Thorn - Series 1
Punk Shock - Series 1
Rip Tide - Series 1
Roller Brawl - Series 1
Scorp - Series 1
Scratch - Series 1
Slobber Tooth - Series 1
Smolderdash - Series 1
Star Strike - Series 1
Wind Up - Series 1
Zoo Lou - Series 1

Returning (Series 2 and Series 3) Skylanders

Gill Grunt - Series 3
Trigger Happy - Series 3
Chill - Series 2
Hot Dog - Series 2
Sprocket - Series 2
Whirlwind - Series 3
Prism Break - Series 3
Terrafin - Series 3
Eruptor - Series 3
Spyro - Series 3
Stealth Elf - Series 3
Cynder - Series 3
Pop Fizz - Series 2
Camo - Series 2
Jet-Vac - Series 2
Chop Chop - Series 3

LightCore Skylanders

LightCore Bumble Blast
LightCore Countdown
LightCore Flashwing
LightCore Grim Creeper
LightCore Smolderdash
LightCore Star Strike
LightCore Warnado
LightCore Wham-Shell

SWAP Force Magic Items

Arkeyan Crossbow
Battle Hammer
Fiery Forge
Groove Machine
Platinum Sheep
Sheep Wreck Island
Sky Diamond
Tower of Time

Skylanders SWAP Force In-Game Variants

Dark Blast Zone
Dark Slobber Tooth
Dark Mega Ram Spyro - Series 3
Dark Stealth Elf
Dark Wash Buckler
Enchanted Hoot Loop
Enchanted LightCore Star Strike
Jade Fire Kraken
Jolly Bumble Blast
Kickoff Countdown
Legendary Free Ranger
Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper
Legendary Night Shift
Legendary Zoo Lou
Nitro Freeze Blade
Nitro Magna Charge
Quick Draw Rattle Shake
Springtime Trigger Happy
Volcanic Eruptor

Skylanders SWAP Force Chase Variants

Bronze and Silver Trap Shadow
Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy
Green Flame Frito-Lay Hot Dog
Purple Flame Frito-Lay Hot Dog
Red Flame Frito-Lay Hot Dog
Gold and Bronze Doom Stone
Gold Fire Kraken
Gold Wash Buckler
Green Chop Chop
Green Rip Tide
Green Scorp
Heavy Metal Sprocket
Metallic Red Dune Bug
Silver and Gold Stink Bomb