Series 1 Skylanders

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These are the original 32 Skylanders characters from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

Each time a new Skylanders character is introduced it is considered a Series 1 figure. However, for the time being, I have chosen only to showcase the original Series 1 figures on this page.

All the New or Series 1 figures from Skylanders: Giants and Skylanders: SWAP Force can be found on their respective game pages.

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Bash - Series 1Bash

Boomer - Series 1Boomer

Camo - Series 1Camo

Chop Chop - Series 1Chop Chop

Cynder - Series 1Cynder

Dino-Rang - Series 1Dino-Rang

Double Trouble - Series 1Double Trouble

Drill Sergeant - Series 1Drill Sergeant

Drobot - Series 1Drobot

Eruptor - Series 1Eruptor

Flameslinger - Series 1Flameslinger

Ghost Roaster - Series 1Ghost Roaster

Gill Grunt - Series 1Gill Grunt

Hex - Series 1Hex

Ignitor - Series 1Ignitor

Lightning Rod - Series 1Lightning Rod

Prism Break - Series 1Prism Break

Slam Bam - Series 1Slam Bam

Sonic Boom - Series 1Sonic Boom

Spyro - Series 1Spyro

Stealth Elf Series 1Stealth Elf

Stump Smash - Series 1Stump Smash

Sunburn - Series 1Sunburn

Terrafin - Series 1Terrafin

Trigger Happy - Series 1Trigger Happy

Voodood - Series 1Voodood

Warnado - Series 1Warnado

Wham-Shell - Series 1Wham-Shell

Whirlwind - Series 1Whirlwind

Wrecking Ball - Series 1Wrecking Ball

Zap - Series 1Zap

Zook - Series 1Zook