Magic Items are the special, non-character figurines that are generally found in the Skylanders Adventure and Battle Packs.

Some of these items will simply unlock a new area or collectible in the game, but many can be used multiple times as you play through the game.

For a complete list of what each Magic Item does, go here.

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Imaginators Magic Items

Blue Chest (Cursed Tiki Temple)
Bronze Mystery Chest
Enchanted Elven Forest
Gold Mystery Chest
Gryphon Park Observatory
Silver Mystery Chest

SuperChargers Magic Items

Kaos Trophy
Land Trophy
Sea Trophy
Sky Trophy

Trap Team Magic Items

Hand of Fate
Legendary Hand of Fate
Midnight Museum
Mirror of Mystery
Nightmare Express
Piggy Bank
Rocket Ram
Sunscraper Spire
Tiki Speaky

SWAP Force Magic Items

Arkeyan Crossbow
Battle Hammer
Fiery Forge
Groove Machine
Platinum Sheep
Sheep Wreck Island
Sky Diamond
Tower of Time

Giants Magic Items

Dragonfire Cannon
Golden Dragonfire Cannon
Platinum Treasure Chest
Scorpion Striker Catapult

Spyro's Adventure Magic Items

Anvil Rain
Darklight Crypt
Dragon's Peak
Pirate Ghost Swords
Healing Elixir
Hidden Treasure Chest
Empire of Ice (Ice Cave)
Pirate Seas (Pirate Ship)
Sky-Iron Shield
Sparx Dragonfly
Time Twister
Volcanic Vault
Winged Boots