Skylanders SuperChargers is the fifth game in the Skylanders series. Below you will find pictures of every figure and links to get all the information you need on each character.

When all is said and done, the SuperChargers release will include:

  • 20 SuperChargers
  • 20 Vehicles

To find out if a figure has been released, you can find all Skylanders release dates here.

Click the pictures for more information and a larger image.

SuperCharger Skylanders

Big Bubble Pop Fizz
Bone Bash Roller Brawl
Deep Dive Gill Grunt
Double Dare Trigger Happy
Hammer Slam Bowser
High Volt
Hurricane Jet-Vac
Lava Lance Eruptor
Shark Shooter Terrafin
Smash Hit
Super Shot Stealth Elf
Turbo Charge Donkey Kong

In-Game Variant SuperCharger Skylanders

Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz
Dark Hammer Slam Bowser
Dark Spitfire
Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf
Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
Eggcited Thrillipede
Frightful Fiesta
Legendary Astroblast
Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl
Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac
Missile-Tow Dive-Clops
Power Blue Splat
Power Blue Double Dare Trigger Happy
Steel Plated Smash Hit

Chase Variant SuperCharger Skylanders

Bronze Bone Bash Roller Brawl
Patina High Volt
Patina Lava Lance Eruptor
Snow-Brite Stormblade


Barrel Blaster
Buzz Wing
Clown Cruiser
Crypt Crusher
Dive Bomber
Gold Rusher
Hot Streak
Jet Stream
Reef Ripper
Sea Shadow
Shark Tank
Shield Striker
Sky Slicer
Soda Skimmer
Splatter Splasher
Stealth Stinger
Sun Runner
Thump Truck
Tomb Buggy

In-Game Variant Vehicles

Dark Barrel Blaster
Dark Clown Cruiser
Dark Hot Streak
Dark Sea Shadow
Event Exclusive Hot Streak
Golden Hot Streak
Legendary Sun Runner
Mobile Hot Streak
Nitro Soda Skimmer
Nitro Stealth Stinger
Power Blue Gold Rusher
Power Blue Splatter Splasher
Spring Ahead Dive Bomber

Chase Variant Vehicles

Bronze Tomb Buggy
Patina Burn-Cycle
Patina Shield Striker

Magic Items

Kaos Trophy
Land Trophy
Sea Trophy
Sky Trophy