There are many variants available for each of the Skylanders games. These variants rarely receive an official announcement so it's up to the fans to find them, name them, and let their presence be known.

The majority of Skylanders variants are inserted into random boxes that are shipped to retail stores. No one knows exactly how many of each variant exist and you never know where they'll end up.

Occasionally there will be special promotions through which you can obtain some variants for a limited time (i.e. Sidekicks, Flocked Stump Smash).

Finally, a few, select variants are handed out at industry trade shows like E3 and Toy Fair.

If you want to know where to find these variants or more about just how rare they are, be sure to check out the “How Rare Is My Skylander?” series:

Part 0 – Other Notable and Hard-to-Find Skylanders
Part 1 – Spyro's Adventure Variants
Part 2 – Giants Variants
Part 3 – SWAP Force Variants
Part 4 – Trap Team Variants

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Imaginators Variants

Candy-Coated Chopscotch
Clear Starcast
Dark Golden Queen
Dark King Pen
Dark Wolfgang
Egg Bomber Air Strike
Hard-Boiled Flarewolf
Jingle Bell Chompy Mage
Legendary Pit Boss
Legendary Tri-Tip
Mystical Bad Juju
Mystical Tae Kwon Crow
Orange Chain Reaction
Pink Barbella
Rock Candy Pain-Yatta
Solar Flare Aurora
Steel Plated Hood Sickle

Skylanders SuperChargers Variants

Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz
Bronze Bone Bash Roller Brawl
Dark Hammer Slam Bowser
Dark Spitfire
Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf
Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
Eggcited Thrillipede
Frightful Fiesta
Legendary Astroblast
Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl
Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac
Missile-Tow Dive-Clops
Patina High Volt
Patina Lava Lance Eruptor
Power Blue Splat
Power Blue Double Dare Trigger Happy
Steel Plated Smash Hit
Snow-Brite Stormblade

Vehicle Variants

Bronze Tomb Buggy
Dark Barrel Blaster
Dark Clown Cruiser
Dark Hot Streak
Dark Sea Shadow
Event Exclusive Hot Streak
Golden Hot Streak
Legendary Sun Runner
Nitro Soda Skimmer
Nitro Stealth Stinger
Patina Burn-Cycle
Patina Shield Striker
Power Blue Gold Rusher
Power Blue Splatter Splasher
Spring Ahead Dive Bomber

Skylanders Trap Team Variants

Clear Short Cut
Clear Tunderbolt
Clear Tuff Luck
Dark Food Fight
Dark Snap Shot
Dark Wildfire
Eggsellent Weeruptor
Gnarly Barkley
King Cobra Cadabra
Legendary Blades
Legendary Bushwhack
Legendary Deja Vu
Legendary Jawbreaker
Love Potion Pop Fizz
Nitro Head Rush
Nitro Krypt King
Power Punch Pet Vac
Winterfest Lob-Star

Skylanders SWAP Force In-Game Variants

Bronze and Silver Trap Shadow
Dark Blast Zone
Dark Slobber Tooth
Dark Mega Ram Spyro - Series 3
Dark Stealth Elf
Dark Wash Buckler
Enchanted Hoot Loop
Enchanted LightCore Star Strike
Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy
Green Flame Frito-Lay Hot Dog
Purple Flame Frito-Lay Hot Dog
Red Flame Frito-Lay Hot Dog
Gold and Bronze Doom Stone
Gold Fire Kraken
Gold Wash Buckler
Green Chop Chop
Green Rip Tide
Green Scorp
Heavy Metal Sprocket
Jade Fire Kraken
Jolly Bumble Blast
Kickoff Countdown
Legendary Free Ranger
Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper
Legendary Night Shift
Legendary Zoo Lou
Metallic Red Dune Bug
Nitro Freeze Blade
Nitro Magna Charge
Quick Draw Rattle Shake
Silver and Gold Stink Bomb
Springtime Trigger Happy
Volcanic Eruptor

Skylanders Giants Variants

Double Trouble 1.5
E3 Hot Dog
Employee Edition LightCore Prism Break
Glow in the Dark Cynder
Glow in the Dark Fright Rider
Glow in the Dark Sonic Boom
Gnarly Tree Rex
Golden Flameslinger
Granite Crusher
Halloween Fright Rider
Jade Flashwing
Legendary Bouncer
Legendary LightCore Chill
Legendary Ignitor
Legendary Jet-Vac
Legendary Slam Bam
Legendary Stealth Elf
Metallic Blue Chop Chop
Metallic Green Gill Grunt
Metallic Green Shroomboom
Metallic Purple Eye-Brawl
Metallic Purple Lightning Rod
Metallic Purple Wrecking Ball
Molten Hot Dog
Polar Whirlwind
Pumpkin Eye-Brawl
Punch Pop Fizz
Royal Double Trouble
Scarlet Ninjini
Sidekick Barkley
Sidekick Eye Small
Sidekick Mini Jini
Sidekick Thumpling
Sparkle Hot Head
Sparkle Sonic Boom
Sparkle Sprocket
Stone Whirlwind
Stone Zook
White Flocked Eruptor
White Flocked LightCore Prism Break
White Flocked Stump Smash

Spyro's Adventure All Variants

Blue Bash - Series 1
Chrome Spyro - Series 1
Crystal Clear Cynder - Series 1
Crystal Clear Stealth Elf - Series 1
Crystal Clear Wham-Shell - Series 1
Crystal Clear Whirlwind - Series 1
Dark Spyro - Series 1
Flocked Stump Smash - Series 1
Glow in the Dark Warnado - Series 1
Glow in the Dark Wrecking Ball - Series 1
Glow in the Dark Zap - Series 1
Gold Chop Chop - Series 1
Gold Drill Sergeant - Series 1
Gold Flameslinger - Series 1
Green Gill Grunt - Series 1
Legendary Bash - Series 1
Legendary Chop Chop - Series 1
Legendary Spyro - Series 1
Legendary Trigger Happy - Series 1
Metallic Purple Cynder - Series 1
Pearl Hex - Series 1
Red Camo - Series 1
Red Drill Sergeant - Series 1
Sidekick Gill Runt
Sidekick Terrabite
Sidekick Trigger Snappy
Sidekick Whisper Elf
Silver Boomer - Series 1
Silver Dino-Rang - Series 1
Silver Eruptor - Series 1