The Legendary Skylanders characters are exclusive to Toys R Us. These figures sport a new blue and gold look and come with upgraded stats.

Although these sell out at Toys R Us fairly quickly, you can still find them online at decent prices.

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Imaginators Legendary Figures

Legendary Pit Boss
Legendary Tri-Tip

SuperChargers Legendary Figures

Legendary Astroblast
Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl
Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac
Legendary Sun Runner

Trap Team Legendary Figures

Legendary Blades
Legendary Bushwhack
Legendary Deja Vu
Legendary Jawbreaker

SWAP Force Legendary Figures

Legendary Free Ranger
Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper
Legendary Night Shift
Legendary Zoo Lou

Giants Legendary Figures

Legendary Bouncer
Legendary LightCore Chill
Legendary Ignitor
Legendary Jet-Vac
Legendary Slam Bam
Legendary Stealth Elf

Spyro's Adventure Legendary Figures

Legendary Bash - Series 1
Legendary Chop Chop - Series 1
Legendary Spyro - Series 1
Legendary Trigger Happy - Series 1