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Skylanders Imaginators

Chopscotch - Skylanders ImaginatorsChopscotch

Pit BossPit Boss


Skylanders SuperChargers

Bone Bash Roller BrawlBone Bash Roller Brawl

Crypt CrusherCrypt Crusher


Tomb BuggyTomb Buggy

Skylanders Trap Team

Bat Spin - Series 1Bat Spin

Mini Eye-SmallEye Small

Funny Bone - Series 1Funny Bone

Mini HijinxHijinx

Trap Master - Krypt KingKrypt King

Trap Master - Short CutShort Cut

Skylanders SWAP Force

Grim Creeper - Series 1Grim Creeper

Grim Creeper LightCoreGrim Creeper LightCore

Night ShiftNight Shift

Phantom Cynder - Series 3Phantom Cynder (S3)

Rattle Shake - SWAP ForceRattle Shake

Roller Brawl - Series 1Roller Brawl

Twin Blade Chop Chop - Series 3Twin Blade Chop Chop (S3)

Skylanders Giants

Chop Chop - Series 2Chop Chop

Cynder - Series 2Cynder

Eye-Brawl - GiantEye-Brawl

Fright Rider - Series 1Fright Rider

Hex - Series 2Hex

LightCore HexHex LightCore

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Chop Chop - Series 1Chop Chop

Cynder - Series 1Cynder

Ghost Roaster - Series 1Ghost Roaster

Hex - Series 1Hex