Skylanders Sidekicks

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The Skylanders Sidekicks were originally part of a Frito-Lay Promotion in the summer of 2012. It was a limited time, mail-in offer. In early 2013, they were available through GameStop as part of an exclusive promotion they were holding.

The Skylanders Giants Sidekicks are once again part of a Frito-Lay Promotion for the summer of 2013. This year you do not have to mail anything in. It is all done online. This is however a limited time offer.

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Skylanders Giants Sidekicks

Sidekick BarkleySidekick Barkley

Sidekick Eye-SmallSidekick Eye Small

Sidekick Mini JiniSidekick Mini Jini

Sidekick ThumplingSidekick Thumpling

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Sidekicks

Sidekick Gill RuntSidekick Gill Runt

Sidekick TerrabiteSidekick Terrabite

Sidekick Trigger SnappySidekick Trigger Snappy

Sidekick Whisper ElfSidekick Whisper Elf