Series 2 Skylanders

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By definition a Series 2 figure is any figure that has appeared in a previous game and is now appearing in a second game. This characters' figure will strike a new pose in Series 2.

On this page though I am only showcasing the Series 2 figures that were released with Skylanders: Giants. This means that these characters were present in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and have received a repose for Giants.

The figures below can be used in both Spyro's Adventure and Giants. In addition these figures can obtain special upgrades (Wow-Pow) that their original counterparts cannot.

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Skylanders Returning in Giants (Series 2)

Bash - Series 2Bash

Chop Chop - Series 2Chop Chop

Cynder - Series 2Cynder

Double Trouble - Series 2Double Trouble

Drill Sergeant - Series 2Drill Sergeant

Drobot - Series 2Drobot

Eruptor - Series 2Eruptor

Flameslinger - Series 2Flameslinger

Gill Grunt - Series 2Gill Grunt

Hex - Series 2Hex

Ignitor - Series 2Ignitor

Lightning Rod - Series 2Lightning Rod

Prism Break - Series 2Prism Break

Slam Bam - Series 2Slam Bam

Sonic Boom - Series 2Sonic Boom

Spyro - Series 2Spyro

Stealth Elf - Series 2Stealth Elf

Stump Smash - Series 2Stump Smash

Terrafin - Series 2Terrafin

Trigger Happy - Series 2Trigger Happy

Whirlwind - Series 2Whirlwind

Wrecking Ball - Series 2Wrecking Ball

Zap - Series 2Zap

Zook - Series 2Zook